New Patient Registration

New Patient Registration Form - Please complete and sign the registration form.  This can be emailed to or delivered to the practice via reception or letterbox at the front door.  

The doctors welcome new patients who live within our practice area. 

Before you can register with the practice, and providing your entitlement to NHS care has been established, you will be asked to provide identification via a passport, driving license or, if you do not have one of these, some other form of photographic evidence to confirm your identity; together with evidence to confirm your current address.   You will be given an appointment for a new patient health check with one of our Health Care Assistants or Practice Nurses and you will be asked to complete a New Patient Registration Form and a New Patient Questionnaire when you arrive for your appointment.   Please bring a sample of urine and any medication you are currently taking when you attend for your new patient health check.

Where patients are requesting to join the Practice list, the practice does not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition.

Once registered with the practice, you will be allocated a particular GP.  However, in practice, you will be given an appointment with any GP and not necessarily your named GP.  Where appropriate, we will endeavour to comply with any preference expressed; for example, seeing a female GP for a gender specific issue or a GP who specialises in specific conditions.


Period of Non-Registration with a GP Practice

Patients removed from a GP Practice pending registration at another practice:

Where a patient is not registered with a GP practice for any reason, the period of non-registration may invalidate specific policies e.g. a travel insurance policy.

Example: Lloyds TSB asks applicants to:

Please check that you and anyone to be covered by the policy are:

-   A permanent resident of the United Kingdom

-   Registered with a Medical Practitioner in the United Kingdom

-   Travelling from and returning to the United Kingdom



As a patient of the NHS you have the following rights:-

-   You are entitled to receive health care on the basis of clinical need, regardless of income

-   You are entitled to be registered with a General Practitioner (GP)

-   You are legally entitled to accept or refuse treatment as you see fit

-   You can refuse to be examined or treated in the presence of medical students

-   You can refuse to be involved in research trials

-   You are entitled to equal treatment regardless of race, gender, age or disability

-   You have the right to information on GPs in your area and the services they provide

-   You are legally entitled to make a complaint about health services

-   You have the right to confidentiality

-   You have a legal entitlement to view your health record


-   To keep an appointment and arrive on time

-   Ensure that your address is correct at all times.   If you move house, change address       or telephone contact number, please inform the surgery

-   Treat all health care staff in a reasonable, courteous manner

-   Use emergency services in a responsible manner

-   Take care with medicines.   Medicines are for one person only and should not be shared.      Unwanted medicines should be taken to a chemist for safe disposal


The Practice considers aggressive behaviour to be any personal, abusive and aggressive comments, cursing and/or swearing, physical contact and aggressive gestures.   No abuse to staff or doctors is acceptable whether verbal or physical and any such incidents will result in removal from our list.

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